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About Counselling4Carers

Counselling4Carers was formed in August 2013 in memory of my mother


I have been a carer off and on for 27 years for my parents who have both sadly passed away now. Because of this experience I am intimately familiar with the ups and downs that caring involves; the isolation and frustration; the highs and the lows and the lack of support and understanding of how demanding caring for a family member or friend can be.

The cared for people can also experience all of these emotions as well as having to come to terms with their loss of independence, learning to live with illness and often debilitating conditions. I find that it can be particularly difficult for these cared for people to accept their loss of future dreams and readjust to their new situation especially if it is an unexpected accident or illness which leaves them incapacitated and reliant on others. They can also suffer with the feelings of guilt and frustration for being a burden. Therefore I am also passionate about helping the cared for adjust to their changing roles and abilities.

I have a particular passion for carers and those who are cared for and the challenges involved, as a counsellor I can offer clients a specialist service designed to fit around carers responsibilities and for those who are being cared for. I am happy to discuss your particular situation and accommodate your needs, I can do this in a number of ways, I offer email counselling, phone and skype sessions and if appropriate home visits.


A carers responsibilities are far reaching and can often be all consuming, along with being both physically and emotionally tiring. It is my belief that everyone is entitled to support and the right to be heard, in a safe non judgemental and neutral environment. We all face difficulties in our lives and when you are in a position of responsibilty for another person whether they are family members or friends it can be isolating and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the situation, often all you need is someone to talk to who is neutral and who will allow you to process complicated and confusing feelings. It is my aim to provide this environment and service at an affordable rate to all carers.


To provide counselling at affordable rates to all carers who wish to access these support services. To provide a safe and confidential environment to discuss and explore any personal issue which carers as people may face, be they directly related to the caring role or of an indirect nature such as work stress or relationship issues.

I can provide counselling in a number of ways: face to face in clinic or at home : skype : email : telephone



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